Signed by Sez is born from a collection of my thoughts on being a twenty something and how, like Google + and chocolate coated Pringles, it sounds great but isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. As someone who is nearing my own quarterlife crisis and madly trying to apply the emergency brake, I’ve made many pit stops along the journey at “confused”, “dillusioned” and my favourite: “Pressureville”.

The quarterlife crisis is a turmoil filled time, complete with insecurities about where you are now, regrets about past choices and fears of going down the wrong path in the future. Sound familiar? I’ve been through all of these stages (some I’ve visited for an 8 week Spring vacation) and from now on it needs to stop.

We need to stop berating, chastising and stressing ourselves out – all in the name of becoming the “perfect twenty something”.

Oh we all know her. She’s pretty and smart. Has an incredible job in the industry that she loves and seems to have more promotions than you have back issues of Cosmo. She lives with her hunky football/accountant/pilot boyfriend in a stylish townhouse straight out of the pages of a magazine. She has oodles of friends and spends summers abroad in Europe or volunteering to solve hunger in Ghana. For the lack of a better word we see her as perfect. And we hate her. No worse: we envy her.

We wonder what we’ve done wrong, and how we could have better set ourselves up for that life. Or we spent the first 5 years of our twenties having an amazing wanderlust existence, but are now crashing back down to the 9-to-5, two kids, white picket fence reality.

Maybe you have an idea of the life you want to create for yourself but feel overwhelmed and frankly burdened by the amount of options out there – should I take a sabbatical to learn Italian? Should I buy a house? Should I quit my job to invent the next Facebook?

I’ll tell you first hand harbouring all of these neuroses will only get you countless Friday night drink sessions with the girls, drowning your sorrows in Pinot Grigio and wedges that you know will go straight to your ass. And that’s not good in anyone’s book.  

I believe your twenties is a complicated decade overshadowed by too many broken hearts and too much photocopying and coffee fetching. I’m absolutely floored by the incredible host of twenty somethings who have created AMAZING lives for themselves and are taking on the world head on, refusing to apologise for their age. Through this blog I hope to learn their secrets and share them with you as well.

My message is that life is too short to cram in all of our dreams, but we can sure it a cracking go, and your twenties is the best time to start. There has never been more opportunities for twenty somethings to look outside the box, move the box or redesign the shape of the whole damn thing, it just takes a little courage, confidence and sass.

So you are here to join my rebellion against the 20 something blues, and to help each other to kick our quarter life crisis to the curb. The best lessons are learnt through trial, tribulation and a whole lot of coffee so join me as I navigate the obstacles of Generation Y and discover a few nuggets of inspiration, wisdom and hope along the way. I want to help you negotiate the minefield that is the world of 20 somethings and encourage you to toss out your burdens, anxieties and expectations and create a kick ass life.

Well I feel like that’s something inspiring Katy Perry would say anyway.



  1. She’s deliciously ambitious and trying her darndest to share her fashion design/baking/interior decorating/curling skills with the world. She has an Instagram filled with motivation artwork (guilty!) and recalculates her dreams everyday because as her Pinterest wall tells her “if your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough”.
  2. She’s sarcastic and not afraid to look at the world through the lense of truth.  Her sarcasm is like that unbelievable amount of grated cheese you put on top of your nachos that will definitely make your ass look big in those pants but damn at least you have eaten some delectably cheesy nachos with a smile on your face.
  3.  She’s ferociously independent and soaked in self – love – or at least she wants to be.  You’re learning to stand your ground on the road to your amazingness because you know you deserve it. You know you need to take ownership and not relying on anyone else to piggy back you to that place where “I’ll finally by happy”. You did just ate those cheese loaded nachos remember so you’re probably not the lightest thing to carry around.
  4. She’s a 20 something feeling lost in this generation of confusion burdened by possibility and choice. Should she buy an apartment? Shack up with her boyfriend? Quit her job and spend 3 months in the highlands of Mongolia? All worthwhile and achievable options but thinking about how you can balance them all hurts your brain more than “Crazy Frog”. 
  5. Maybe she is none of these things on this (obviously comprehensive) list. But did she read every item and feel the pull towards wanting to have those feelings and become “those” twenty somethings who are making their mark on the world? Does she wish she was the one her and her friends were jealous of as they drown their own unfulfilled lives in savvy b, hoping for more?

Stop wishing. Stop putting it off. That confident, sassy, 20 something stilleto-toed girl is inside of you busting to get out and showcase her brilliance. Stay on this journey with me and let her out!


 If you are procrastinating doing the dishes or waiting for Jersey Shore to start and have 5 minutes to spare, here is a little about me:

By day I slap on my professional hat in my Marketing role in a University, relishing the opportunity to relive my studying days vicariously through the students, getting mistaken for a student  (“um, actually I work here”) and gobbling down the ridiculous amount of free food that tertiary institutions generously provide.

I am a recovering goal addict and am slowly getting used to the concept of sitting down with a cup of tea and reading a book for “fun”. And I’m pleased by how much I enjoy it. I am ambitious and purposeful, and am 50% confident my twenties are turning out the way I hoped they would. I’m riding the quarterlife crisis the best I can, but admit to checking under my bed before I go to sleep sometimes to find it still under there, lurking on the sidelines ready to burst in.

I enjoy keeping fit and getting my heart pumping and try to channel my inner Lorna Jane when I can. Despite running causing this allergic reaction where I can’t breathe and my likening of personal trainers to the devil’s henchmen, I do love taking care of my body and am totally embracing the green smoothie phenonmenon. Check.Me.Out.

I have amazing friends and a loving partner who I adore to pieces and mostly refer to by his baby animal nickname (which he loves of course).

I am  grateful for the life I’ve created for myself 95% of the time and the other 5%  is caused by my devastation now that The Bachelor has finished and there is not a plentiful supply of Reese’s Pieces in Australia.

A couple of years ago, I came across the term that changed the way I’ve been thinking about my life – the quarterlife crisis. In three little words, my daily challenges for the last 4 years are summed up and I haven’t even reached quarterlife yet, which inevitably means it will only be downhill from here.

Much love and till later

Sez xx


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