Why I’m Slowing Down on Full Steam Ahead

Credit: Cas Cornelissen

Credit: Cas Cornelissen

This year has been a little mental.

Even though only half of the year has passed, my head has been swimming in a vortex of emotions, drowning in the good, the bad and the entire spectrum in between.

To begin the year, my relationship entered a completely new phase after choosing to go long distance, forcing me to dig deeper into myself to find the independence and strength to adjust. A few months ago I also lost a very dear family member to the quick rollercoaster of cancer which railroaded us all before we even had time to catch our breathes. Amongst this, my professional life was at times running my life and after having my limbs torn in a thousand directions I made a stand before my brain exploded.

But of course with all of the bad comes the bold and the beautiful. I have been lucky enough to experience 2 overseas holidays in these first 6 months alone that left me delirious and humble and so high on life that I found myself smiling stupidly at strangers on the street who were wondering which closest institution I had escaped from.

With all of this action both good and bad, being squeezed into a matter of months, my brain did the only thing it could do at the time to cope: I went into auto-pilot. I kept waking up each day, with a different feeling but with the same intention to simply keep on keeping on. Instead of taking the moment to process life and the craziness around me, I was full blast on the auto-pilot switch and crossing my fingers that with sheer luck I wouldn’t dive straight into the ocean.

Now that I’m back from my latest travelling escapades to Vietnam (blog post to come on that soon!) and faced with the hangover of emotions from these last few months and the mound of unaccomplished goals I listed at the beginning of the year. Strangely though, I am feeling uncomfortable about getting all “head down bum up” in it and going at life like the Tassie devil, all flying appendages and slobbering tongue.

Instead this post is my promise to calm my own farm and take things one at a time. There is no Olympic medal for how many things I can cross of the to-do list (although the anal organiser that lives inside of me would totally OWN that event) and no extra rewards for those who finished first but decidedly half-assed.

I am channeling advice from my Mum (who annoyingly like the adage is always right) and remembering that if you are going to do something do it properly. This is the philosophy, along with buy less books online, I want to take into the second half of this year.

So here’s me changing the pace up a little and taking it one foot in front of the other. I sincerely hope this will reflect in the quality of my professional work, the time and effort I give to the relationships with my family and friends and to the thoughts I share with you my beloved 20 something community. So cheers to the tortoise over the hare, to enjoying the slower things in life and ending up with the sunbeams of happiness shining out of your face.

Or something equally corny like that.

Has the abrupt arrival of July caused you to re-evaluate how you are tackling your 20’s and the struggles/joys happening everyday? I’d love to hear what lessons you have learnt!

Much love and till later

Sez xx


4 thoughts on “Why I’m Slowing Down on Full Steam Ahead

  1. I’ve sort of been in a similar place the last few years. I had always planned on going to graduate school right after my BA, so when that didn’t happen I was thrown for a loop. Since then I’ve been doing my best to enjoy the here & now rather than just cost on what I feel like I “should” be doing. I’m sorry for the crazy rollercoaster, hope you are able to enjoy this slower pace πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Brittany, it has been a little hairy at times but it seems once I’ve started slowing down other things have too. And funnily enough some really good things have started to come my way… maybe the universe is conspiring with instead of against me now πŸ™‚ Hope your dreams of heading to grad school are still on the horizon or that you have another equally good plan lined up. Being a 20 something woman is all about adaptability I have learnt!

  2. Sarah, so much of this beautiful post resonated with me! I turned 30 at the end of last year, and I too have felt like the first half of 2014 has been manic – constant GO, GO, GO to tick things off my ever-growing to-do list. In the last few weeks I’ve felt a real pull to slow down, be still, and concentrate more on the ‘being’, instead of so much ‘doing’. And oh my god do I need to stop buying books online! Ha! I’ve got a huge pile next to my bed to get through already! Look forward to reading about your travels to Vietnam, I was there a few years ago and really loved the place (especially Hoi An!) xx

    • Hi Tammy,

      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, a little sunshine on a crappola rainy day here in Adelaide. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and that I’m not the only one in a relationship with my to – do list! It’s funny, even in the week since I’ve been back from holidays and decided to put the brakes on a little, good things have been happening… I don’t necessarily believe in karma but that is kinda what I’m feeling and a good sign to keep going!
      Vietnam was BEAUTIFUL and I too loved Hoi An (and the super cute dress I got made there!). My blog is undergoing a makeover at the moment so putting posts on hold for a week or so but will get my Vietnam thoughts up soon!
      That is after I too attempt to finish the enormous pile of books on my bedside table that I bought online πŸ™‚
      Sez x

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