My Life is Amazing… BUT….a 20 Something #firstworldproblem

Credit: Ben Moore

Credit: Ben Moore

We live in a society of buts. Not not big ones that can’t lie but the act of ending every sentence with something negative. I met Hugh Jackman, but I really wanted to meet Zac Efron instead. I lost 3 kilos this week, but my eyebrows are so weirdly shaped. You get the idea.

And today I found myself committing this terrible sin and sharing with a friend all of my awfully pathetic #firstworldproblems. This is a little of how our conversation went.

HER: Wow so are you excited for Vietnam?

ME: Yeah totally! But I’ve got so many things to do, organise my visa, put some cash on my travel card, renew my gym membership and I don’t have any time this weekend because the BF is taking me on a romantic long weekend away to Sydney to wine and dine and see The Lion King. Like when am I going to find time to pack? Ugh I’m so stressed.

Seriously, I wanted to punch myself in the face.

But the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one. So my name is Sarah and I cannot just be grateful and full present soaking in the incredible life I have at the moment and the opportunities available to me. And this needs to change.

20 somethings are the king of #firstworldproblems (like we actually invented the term) and I can see why. Unfortunately, in this world of dog eat dog, it is not seen as “cool” to just sit and bask in your own awesomeness. You always need to be seen as busy, or frantically working to solve world hunger, or pumping out an RPM class and completing War and Peace at the same time. Don’t worry I have been there, I am as driven as the next person, but am realising it is coming at the cost of watching my current achievements whoosh past my nose faster than Kim Kardashians first wedding (and let’s face it probably second).

So my advice? When you get asked how are things going in your life just say it how it is. If you have been kicking awesome goals at work, smashed your 5km time at the gym or had the perfect girls weekend away just say it. There is no need for embellishments about how you’re totally not ready for a marathon though, or that you should have spent that girls weekend working on your home business. Just let it come out and not be squashed by the negatives. It’s like that ad for Bam Shower Scrub: BAM! And the Buts Are Gone!

So on that note, let me know in the comments if you are guilty of this sometimes and what you do to try and keep the butts at bay.

Much love and till later

Sez xx


8 thoughts on “My Life is Amazing… BUT….a 20 Something #firstworldproblem

  1. Totally guilty of that myself! Not sure why we feel the need to do that, but we definitely do. It’s actually a goal of mine recently to calm down with the “buts” and work on being present & grateful for “right now.”

  2. Love this. This is definitely something I think we all struggle with and definitely something I know I am guilty of. Life is pretty damn good and it’s time to embrace it instead of always focusing on the buts.

  3. You snatched the words right out of my head. So many times I find the need to feel busy because I can never feel awesome enough. It’s time to feel awesome again lol. Thanks for that! Great read.

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