10 Ways to Recognise a Twenty Something Employee

Credit: Nadir Balcikli

Credit: Nadir Balcikli

These days we are not an endangered species but proliferating throughout every industry at an alarming rate (man I love to use big words at 7:30 in the morning). The twenty something worker. New, fresh faced, trying to desperately impress but inside totally freaking out. Sound familiar? Twenty somethings are bringing a whole new attitude to workplaces everywhere, and I hope we are embraced because we have so much to offer. However, one thing we are not is subtle. Here are 10 ways to pick a twenty something employee out from a mile away…

1. We know more about the Kardashians then is technically legal. And we unfortunately forgot that before we blurted out every fact we know at the latest corporate dinner. And inadvertently pushed our level of maturity back 5 years…. 

2. We would be happy to stay back a couple of hours tonight or set up for the event on a Saturday; we would love the experience and to improve on our skills. Oh wait, you’re not paying me or give me the time off another day? Oh right actually I think I have to make dinner for my cat tonight…. she gives Grumpy Cat a run for his money when she is kept waiting….

3. We have low tolerance for long meetings that are not beneficial to our tasks. Twenty somethings get in, get the information they need and get out. Want to know how long our attention spans are for something we are not interested in? Think how long it takes to make 2 minutes noodles. Only slightly longer than that.

4. We are the first to embrace new technologies and will have the new office software down pat before you have even found the on switch. But don’t worry we are also more than happy to lend a hand to the “oldies” (and subsequently get fired for referring to you as said “oldies”).

5. We will be the ones filling the office fridge with quinoa and chia seed salad and downing disgusting green smoothie concoctions for our morning pick me up. Or we’ll be the one who cant afford anything except for stale donuts and litres of instant coffee. Really it’s a 50:50 chance.  

6. We are the first to suggest Friday night drinks. Or Tuesday night drinks. Or Thursday lunch time I-have-a-huge-report-to-write-this-afternoon drinks. We claim we are just doing our part to support the city’s publicans.

7. We have utmost respect for any colleague who is older than us. So virtually everyone. But remember with twenty somethings you only get a couple of chances to make a good first impression. We were taught if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all and we’ve decided we will never like you and hence the awkward silence.

8. We are the sharing generation. We will tell you about how we had a “fully mad” weekend with the girls, spent 12 hours watching Sex and The City reruns on our day off, or didn’t have time to do washing this week. We suggest you just nod and smile. It’s the safe response. 

9. We will try hard to fit in with “grownup” conversation and learn who Gaddafi was, the year the Cold War ended and how the stock market is looking. But then we’ll admit we don’t know how to boil rice, and thought Meatloaf was an American dinnertime staple.

10. We are attacking our careers with a ferocity not seen in any generation. We have been blessed with the opportunity for great education, supportive families and an overdose of the “Can Do Attitude” they injected into our milk. We are passionate about accounting, dentistry or rubbish collection and are ready to scale up the ladder as quickly as we can. We are hard workers and not afraid to ask questions to fill in our knowledge gaps so we can then takeover your position. We are a little stubborn and don’t respond the best to old age mentality (but WHY do we have to do it that way? My idea would be much faster….) We are entrepreneurial, creative and when we get a bee in our bonnet you will hear about it.

But that’s why you employed us in the first place. 

Much love and till later

Sez xx


8 thoughts on “10 Ways to Recognise a Twenty Something Employee

    • Hi Nicola, glad you enjoyed it! The funny thing is I actually like green smoothies! And great to find another twenty something constantly at the bottom of the age ladder, I’ve changed jobs since I graduated and turning 25 later this year and STILL the youngest! There are of course benefits to that too though 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  1. Call me a werido. Most of these don’t apply to me although I’m 25! I worked in a government job as my first out of college job but before that was helping my dad run his business all the way through high school. I guess maybe being in charge of a store on my own every summer makes gives you a different perspective on traditional workplaces?

    • Hi there, thanks so much for sharing and of course every 20 something has slightly different experiences. I work in a very corporate environment so these relate to what I know but every workplace is different. Hope you enjoyed reading though 🙂

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