When You Need To Suck It Up At Work – And Other Working Girl Sagas

Credit: Alejandro Escamilla

Credit: Alejandro Escamilla

As a twenty something I have done my fair share of complaining in my lifetime. “Aw I don’t want to clean my room”, “Aw it’s only 3am are you seriously closing already?” but among all of the whining and whinging, I am often reminded of a little something my parents taught me…
Sometimes you just gotta suck it up.
This valuable lesson can be learned in all aspects of life but is best demonstrated in the workplace. At work you have a boss (unless you are your own boss and this really doesn’t apply to you so take your entrepreneurial amazingness elsewhere cause you’re making the rest of us jealous) and they are God. If they are Queen Victoria you are all of the humble English peasants desperate for some cake (wrong queen?). They speak, you listen.
Once you get your first job out of university (and probably your second or third job as well), life turns a blind eye to all the wheedling and procrastinating you’ve become so good at and puts you Highway One to “Yes Town”. Yes Town is full of obligations, responsibilities and nodding heads and its population is you. It has a dodgy reputation among some of its neighbouring suburbs (including Funsville and Drunk City) but will prove to be a lot more useful.
There are things I get asked to do everyday at work that I don’t want to do. Cold calling, awkward conflict resolution, epic workloads and tasks completely out of my job description. Do I whine like a tiny puppy or bow before Queen Victoria and suck it up? I think you know. In fact this has happened so many times that I developed a personal mantra I use for moments when I feel like a hissy fit would be a more appropriate reaction. It’s just a few words:
“Suck it up Sez, you can do it”
Yep it’s corny and yep it belongs in an Instagram motivational picture but it WORKS. Although it may seem like a nightmare at the time, sucking it up can have an amazing outcome when you least expect it. I’ve certainly had awkward work conversations that I’ve stayed up all night dreading which have then turned out to be: totally ok. And I’ve gone to meetings where I was expecting a blasting to be told I’m doing a fully sick job and to keep rocking it. Ok so it wasn’t in those words but you get the point.
The fear you have of learning a new skill, interacting with different colleagues or taking on responsibility for something you thought was out of your league can actually be a blessing. Sure it’s scary and it can kinda make you wanna pee your pants but it is worth it. I’m now a total pro at cold calling and am the first person to say no to an unrealistic workload.
I hope to take my mantra with me throughout career to guide me into taking on my fear in the workplace head on. So if you ever work with me in future positions and see me talking to myself before going into an important meeting, don’t call the shrink just yet – maybe pop over and we can chant together.
What work situations have you found yourself in where you sucked it up and it worked out for the better? Do you have annoyingly cheerleader like mantra or is that just me?
Much love and till later Sez xx

4 thoughts on “When You Need To Suck It Up At Work – And Other Working Girl Sagas

  1. This is so true. My last job I was only at for 9 months, but I had to do a LOT of “sucking it up.” I’m glad I’m gone, but I do feel SO much more confident & competent at my new position precisely because I’ve had the opportunity to go out of my comfort zone so much. Eventually the “suck it up” attitude becomes a “Hey, you’ve got this” attitude.

    • “Hey you’ve got this”, wow I love that! Yes my first marketing job was really crap pay and a tricky work environment t but I learnt so much and used that experience to get my now job that I love. It’s a myth that twenty somethings are precious – sometimes we will suck it up to get it done and reach our goals!

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