10 Life Lessons Your University Education Taught You That You Don’t Realise

Credit: Craig Garner

Credit: Craig Garner

Your university years are a unique experience filled with knowledge, life long friends and way too many vodka redbulls. But now you’re out in the workforce and arrived at the realisation that 99% of what you learnt was irrelevant to real life industry, you’re feeling a little disappointed in the huge amount of cash you spent that should have been used to buy a boat. Or a lot of Louboutins.

Never fear however, your time and hard earned money did not all go to waste – here are 10 life lessons which made it all worth the while.

1. You realise a Vice Chancellor is now a boss of a university and not the subordinate of some member of the Royal family. Although you’re still not sure why the Vice Chancellor gets to call all the shots – where is the Chancellor?

2. You carefully mastered the skill of appearing awake and taking notes in lectures while either a) napping or b) stalking your ex bestie on FB, or c) trying to list the justifying reasons in your head as to why you got out of bed for this 9am lecture

3. The only more disastrous outcome than getting a Friday 4pm tutorial is impending death by guillotine and you therefore found some deep down organisational skills when enrolment came around to avoid such a catastrophe

4. You have developed an uncanny ability to measure the quality, price and approximate queue length of all the coffee shops within a 2km radius of the university campus

5. You can now explain the intricate rules and skillset required to play ultimate frisbee and futsal even though you previously thought they were close relatives of Quidditch. Oh but wait you now know that is a real game as well so the trifecta is complete.

6. You can tell to the glass, the exact amount of alcohol that can be consumed the night before an important presentation to ensure your stress is masked but you can still stand up straight and remember your name

7. You have learned the two most dreaded words in the English language: group assignment

8. You have become a gambling man and know that the ratio is 50:50 as to whether you will have studied the right stuff for your exam and you will not know the outcome of these odds until you, with a dread filled heart, turn over that exam paper

9.You realise you have to work five extra years to set your children up with a great life and a beautiful house with a picket fence because you spent all of your money on textbooks

10. You will realise, only once it’s over, that your university years were probably the best of your life and now you are one of those old boring people that goes to work everyday. Ugh surely it is only down from here!

What did you learn from your university experience? Are there some things you wish you could unlearn? Comment below lovelies!

Much love and till later
Sez xx


4 thoughts on “10 Life Lessons Your University Education Taught You That You Don’t Realise

    • Lol I look back now and think “not a whole lot!”. Glad you are getting a giggle out of the blog 🙂 I think I managed to fix the comments issue as well, thanks so much for the heads up! x

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