10 (Unconventional) Reasons Why Twenty Somethings Are Travel Obsessed

Credit: Louis Pellissier

Credit: Louis Pellissier

These days twenty somethings are more cultured than a tub of yoghurt and are constantly on the lookout for where their next hit will come from. We all know travel is important to open our minds to new ways of life, and to appreciate history and those that came before us, yadda, yadda, yadda. But what we haven’t been sharing are the slightly unconventional reasons why we are filling our boss’s inboxes with leave requests and spending a week’s pay on new luggage. Intrigued? Read on to find out more….

1. In the early 2000’s, when family fights over the TV would alternate from 60 Minutes (Dad) to Big Brother (Me) a common ground was needed. Enter: the humble travel show, destined to fill every 20 something with the travel bug (and also make them believe they would of course be able to afford some of the ridiculously expensive trips showcased). Every Thursday night I sat down with my girl Katrina Rountree (from Getaway fame) and soaked it all in. Note to parents: Maybe if you had just let us watch Big Brother we would stay in the country more. But then our brains would be the consistency of mouldy vegetables so probably good call.

2. Many decades ago, there was the little black book, and it was prestigious honour to see how many “lovely ladies” would feature in there. These days we have the passport, a similarly coloured and shaped object used to collect conquests and brag to our friends. (And don’t even get me started on countries that don’t stamp anymore!) 

3. I think we all have a force, deep down in our souls that urges us to keep Lonely Planet afloat. My collection probably accounts for a quarter of their market profits. 

4. We don’t settle for second best. Yes I love my Friday night drink sessions with the girls BUT would I love it better if I was sipping Moet with the same group of girls under the Eiffel Tower? Is Zac Efron the sex god of our generation? That would be a yes.

5. We are constantly trying to test the physics of the world around us. How small is the world we live in? The fact that I met a fellow exchange student from England on a back street in Wellington, 3 years later would suggest that theorem certainly has some validity. The fact we can also detect  traveller hailing from our homeland up to 2km away just by hearing the soft lilting accent (or in the case of Scots, the brash loud one), is a feat science is still yet to explain.

6. We are the generation who are used to being entertained. It’s sad and some would say it devalues us but it’s true. We are like a bored 5 year old three days after Christmas who has gone through everyone of our expensive gizmos and wants something new. And travel happily goes out to the department store and grabs something for us. Our eyes twinkle as we see the new toy….”ooohhh Uruguay!”

7. As 20 somethings are getting married and having children later in life we need something else to decorate our nests with. Instead of wedding albums and tiny pattering feet, we have Venetian Murano glass and oversized voodoo masks from Ghana. It’s like The Block meets the Amazing Race. Quick somebody call the networks now!

8. We know it is sexy to learn a new language so we claim we know as many as the countries we have been too. Unfortunately you need to know more than just yes, no and where is the toilet to be able to list it on your resume, but we 20 somethings are nothing if not resourceful. 

9. If we didn’t travel Mark Zuckerberg would lose his fortune and end up sleeping under a sack in some alley somewhere. Can you imagine a Facebook without travel photos to be jealous of? Such a scenario is not worth picturing!

10. The last reason is less unconventional but not any less true. It is in our blood. From the thrill of the crowds at the airport, through to climbing vast mountain ranges, diving in deep waters or simply shopping up a storm in air conditioned comfort, we get a rush you can’t find from anything else. For me it is a lifeblood, a cord that connects to the world outside of me that I willingly give myself to and use it as a guide rope around the globe. And that is pretty cool.

Which reason do you associate with the most? Do you have your own personal reason? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Much love and till later

Sez xx


One thought on “10 (Unconventional) Reasons Why Twenty Somethings Are Travel Obsessed

  1. Love this – so many friends are travelling at the moment and my Facebook feed is swarmed with amazing images and views. I agree – it is in our blood! Great read… now where is my passport.

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