Me, Myself and I. Embrace your independence without the 12 cats

Credit: Rula Sibai

Credit: Rula Sibai

My name is Sarah and I very much enjoy my own company. (Cue echoed choruses of “Hi Sarah”….).

I’ve come along to this meeting today because I’m tired. I’m tired of having to justify my desires to have a night in on a Monday and make up fake plans to get out of going out raging on a freezing Saturday night because I’d rather eat hash browns in front of the football while completing the worksheet section of “The Desire Map”.

I’m tired of all of this so I’ve decided to make a stand. Today, I sit writing this post in my local library surrounded by middle aged men who have escaped from the rain to catch up on the latest newspapers and to desperately try to rent a DVD that this time him and his wife will both like (which pretty much rules out anything without Cameron Diaz in it). However odd this company I keep is, I feel familiar. I feel solidarity among others who don’t mind sitting alone for an hour to catch up on “me” time (or to escape said wife and manic children excited about the weekend, but I prefer to think it’s the former).

With a good portion of my friends moving interstate or to the other side of the world (love you guys but seriously, come back!) and my BF residing in the suburb over from Tony Abbott 13 hours away, my days aren’t chockers full of tantilising plans or packed schedules. And I quite like it like that.

Every twenty something needs their time alone, their own space, and their own “thing”. When I say “thing” I don’t mean the fact that you like crocs when no one else does (seriously step away from the crocs), but rather something that is just yours. I like writing this blog, and I hope that someone out there in cyberspace is benefiting from it (ok lets be honest I hope it’s more than just one sad soul in Amsterdam who only came across it when they were scrolling for porn).

Maybe you like to create baked goods for your friends and family and have always wanted to get a stall at the Farmer’s Market. Maybe you wish you could fit in more runs cause although you are an awful runner, you have always dreamt of doing a half marathon. Or maybe your thing is you intend to devour every book written by Jane Austen (who could blame you) and be absorbed into her beautiful Victorian world for a few hours a week.

It is time to stand up for your right to want time for your “thing” and to not let anyone make you feel bad about it. And if you’re not taking time out for your “thing” because your social circle has you by the neck, my advice is wriggle free. You will regret it later, I’ve heard the true stories – I know. 

Let’s change the landscape of the independent, to something more sassy and sophisticated and less dark and dreary and weirdly linked to cats. Embrace your ability to not need to lean on anyone else, this is a true skill that some people carry naturally, while others need to work at.

Of course there are times that I’m lonely. It’s human nature for us to crave connection and conversation and you won’t see me heading to the mountains of Tibet to be  monk anytime soon (plus I look dreadful in orange) but there are limits. The way I see it, if your life suddenly imploded and you were left to live the next 6 months on your own what would you do? Would you write the next Harry Potter, or learn every recipe in Nigella’s repetoire or brainstorm the next big reality TV show that will make you millions or will you just sit and cry? 

The choice is yours. And in case your wondering I do hope to start on my cat collection as soon I get out of rentals. Some stereotypes are there to enjoy. 

Much love and till later

Sez (and Mittens) xx


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