Fr-envy Part Two – 5 Things You Can Do To Kick It To The Curb

Credit: Alexander Shustov

Credit: Alexander Shustov

So we’ve looked at Fr-envy and the demons it brings with it. It can strike at any time is about as wanted as Hugh Grant as the next James Bond. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone but let’s be honest nobody wants to see the King of Rom Com as the saviour of the British Secret Service. So when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with the green stuff, try some of these tips to kick the habit for good.

1. Learn from the past

When I was little my Mum hated when I had playdates with friends from school because as soon as I came home there would be a constant monologue, minus any pauses for breath, that sounded a little like this:

“But MUM…. Jenny has a budgie, can I have a budgie? I promise I’ll look after it!…and she has a full length mirror in her room, how am I supposed to look at my whole outfit without a full length mirror?…..and her Mum let’s her stay up until 9:30, can I stay up until then???”

I didn’t get any of those things then and fast forward 15 odd years, life may still not give you any of the things you envy that your friends have. Them’s the breaks doll.

2. Do an awesomeness audit

I try to do this when I feel the green eyed monster a creepin’ and it’s perfect in helping to remember the things that make you fully sick. Yes I don’t own a house or a new puppy but I have flexibility to leave my rental place whenever I want and can spend my puppy food money on new stilettos. That’s about as win win for me as it gets.

3. Turn your molehills into mountains

Too often we forget about the achievements we have already carved out in our short lives. A year ago, I worked my butt of and sat through what seemed like endless interviews to get the position I have now which I love. But now that’s been achieved, it’s entered “meh-sville” and I’m not that proud of it anymore. Make a conscious effort to turn your current molehills into the mountains you once viewed them as and high give yourself for how far you have come.

4. Use it as ammunition

Jealous that your girlfriend has more money/a nicer haircut/an amazing relationship with her gym that is definitely taking effect on her thighs? Channel this into a rocket up you-know-where and get out there and achieve those things yourself. Remember the only thing worse than complaining, is complaining with the intention of doing nothing about it.

5. Lay on the cheese thickly

Repeat after me: “I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness”. Yes it’s a little cheesy and will make some of you want to puke but I’m here to tell you your attitude is 100% responsible for these feelings of overwhelming fr-envy. And one way to change that attitude for the better is to think happy thoughts – it doesn’t have to be all the time and it doesn’t have to be life changing but a little will go a long way. Think: “ugh my friend is newly married and I’m so jealous” and turn it into “she now has a ridiculous amount of crystal china she will never use, a huge personal loan and has to live with a boy. I’m telling you, there is a silver lining everywhere.


Much love and till later

Sez xx


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