Route 168: Commuting to Creativity

Credit: Chris Sardegna

Credit: Chris Sardegna

It’s a Monday morning and I’m coming down from the weekend high, adjusting to the foreboding feeling of IIMA (It Is Monday Already?!?). I’m settling into the zen state I like to frequent on my daily commute to work, ready to make use of this time to daydream about titles for my upcoming book, or draft what I will say to Hugh Jackman when I run into him later in the day at Coles.  Right in the midst of mid “Hugh wooing” down next to me sits The Distractor.

The Distractor is the most irritating of all people when you are trying (or forcing) to eek out a little creativity. This particular morning she is a young uni student who is destined to annoying the absolute crap out of me. She starts by testing every ringtone on her phone (to check that they are indeed high pitched and ear splitting) and then sniffs the entire way to work. Oh yes the sniffer in the worst kind of Distractor. I like to compare it to child labour. In between contractions there is a lull of calm and you feel like maybe you could birth this giant head into the world to then be hit by another disgusting noise resulting from the suction of their snot. Um gross.

Of course I was completely distracted from Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art (the reading of which was of course going to change my life in that particular commute) and abandoned it all huffy and puffy after the sound of an elephant getting sucked into a trombone wouldn’t leave my eardrums.

But instead of letting it defeat me and rocking up to work grumpier than the day I found out Katniss and Peeta aren’t a couple in real life, I took a deep breath and challenged my thinking. This was the perfect chance to give up on the peacefulness of my commute, but it was also an opportunity of another kind. Immediately, I turned to the trusty notes section of my phone and drafted this blog post – right down to every snotty detail.

The moral is that life will constantly throw Distractors at you and you have to be ready to face them square in the face and smack them out of the park. Next time your solitude is interrupted by screaming little kids or a sudden downpour of rain in the middle of summer, challenge your brain to read this as all kinds of possibility.  Go out there and look for the inspiration in the beautiful and not so beautiful sounding moments in life.

Just for god’s sake bring a tissue with you.

Till later and much love

Sez xx


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