One Word to Rule Them All

Credit: Alejandro Escamilla

Credit: Alejandro Escamilla

I am lost for words. Or more specifically just one.

It is the January 6 already and I am yet to find my word for 2014. The word that will sum up my motivation, inspiration and drive for the upcoming year. I keep going through Roget’s Thesaurus like a worn Officeworks catalogue (seriously though who doesn’t get sucked in by all that stationary!). I’ve come up with a shortlist of five in the hope writing them down might be an exercise of the subconscious mind and the right word will reveal itself to me.
Or perhaps I’ll just choose the one that I think would look the best in an Instagram quote shot (filter: Valencia). 


I like the forward movement of this and the notion that in 2014 I should be giving myself a kick up the butt to get out there and making things happen. So many people are dying of complacency and I find it completely refreshing to be told to “get going” and “less talking, more doing”. Although when I say the word I can’t help but think about cowboys and western saddles. And croutchless chaps. Ok spur is off the table. 


I have a spontaneity problem. Like I don’t have any. I don’t go camping because you have to bring so many things and there is the “wild” to contend with. But in the parts of my life that don’t involve sleeping in the smelly wilderness, I do want to inject more impulse into my actions. Should I buy that beautiful bunch of flowers for myself? Yes! Should I go rollerblading along the Esplanade and eat ice cream, not worrying about the calories? Yes! Do I really need to be in bed at 9:00pm on a Sunday to mentally prepare myself for the week ahead? Ok yes I really need to do that or I will be hyperventilating come Monday morning when my gym clothes aren’t laid out and my smoothie ingredients are not grouped together in the fridge. Perhaps impulse can be my word for 2015…


Say it with me…. EMBOLDEN. It makes me think of the dark handsome guy who’s been on Young and the Restless since forever (Hope’s husband? Or is that Days of Our Lives? New Resolution: watch less crappy soaps). It is rich and strong and meaty. It screams for you not take no for an answer and only demand the best that you can give. In fact it says this so loudly it kind of scares me. I don’t like being yelled at. I’ve cried at work for being yelled at. I won’t get a personal trainer for the sole reason that they will yell at me. And a crying girl on the treadmill is not a good sight for anyone.


Fire is quick, bold and every engulfing if handled correctly. If not handled correctly it can burn your house down causing your whole shoe collection to perish and for you to subsequently lose your will to live. So it could work for my word but “nicely controlled fire” doesn’t quite have the oomph I’m looking for. 


Finally, I came across this little beauty. Aside from being the title of the most famous S Club 7 song, it is so accessible. The idea of reaching relates to all aspects of my life: reach to do better at work, reach to run faster for my health and reach to love harder and deeper for my family and friends. The other cool thing is I think it captures the essence of all the other words in a short, sweet parcel. And it’s something I can easily spell, an obvious bonus.


So for 2014 I will remember to reach anytime I feel like settling for “just good enough” and remind myself that nobody got anywhere fast without reaching that little bit further.

What is your word for 2014? Did you have some runners up as well? Perhaps you have an anti-word for this year, representing something you know won’t get you to the life you want? Mine is Pringles. Or Crocs.

Till later, much love

Sez xx


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