When to Put A Baby In Your Corner

This afternoon I am getting frocked up for my very first baby shower. That’s right at 24, I have never been to a baby shower (I’ve also only ever been to one wedding but that topic demands a whole post of its own).

It’s not that I don’t like babies. I mean brand new ones freak me out with the whole “I can’t support my own head and you might break my neck” thing but I like their smiling, dribbly faces and their tiny hands and feet. So if my baby shower virginity is not caused by an aversion to them what has taken me so long to participate in such a tradition? The short and unfortunately politically incorrect answer is that it is not the kind of event my version of a twenty something would regularly slot into her diary.

The long answer is none of my circle of girl friends has had a baby yet. Not one.

Everyone has the right to choose how their 20 something decade is laid out. I imagine those decades to all look like a wall of wardrobes, all with shiny white doors that hide a multitude of differences.A lot of 20 something women show similarities in their wardrobes. You would open them to find brand new houses or blocks of land. They have a sweet little puppy dog and a small child (or two) sleeping on a shelf next to their Bonds maternity wear. There is no doubt these are beautiful wardrobes.

But reveal my wardrobe and you’ll see why I would rather march down Fifth Avenue wearing a paper bag than any of their “picket fence, 1 child, 1 dog” couture.

My wardrobe is a little eclectic but styled just to fit me. It’s full of cheap (but expensive looking) work heels, silk pants and corporate blouses. It’s full of late dinners out with friends, bottles of rose and weekends away. There is a whole shelf bowing under the weight of Lonely Planet Guides, not helped by the stacks of notebooks where every one of my life goals are chronicled and progress charts recorded.

The wardrobe reeks of ambition, curiosity and possibility like someone upended a bottle of Lola in there.

So although I am excited to go along to my first baby shower, and am so very happy for my beautiful friend, this is a big milestone for me. The smallest hint of baby has now found its way into my wardrobe; a little bootie has snuck in and is curling up next to my overpriced scented candles and Cibo loyalty card.  The time will come where most of the wardrobes from the girls I know will have a gorgeous chubby baby in it, some in the 20 something decade and some later. Some wardrobes won’t ever echo with the sound of babies crying and that’s ok too. Every 20 something has their own style and is solely responsible for creating the wardrobe from which they choose.

What’s in your wardrobe? Is it similar to mine?

That’s all from me, I gotta go wrap my gifts and pray my girlfriend won’t force my participation in a game where I have to eat baby food.

I love her, but there are some lines I will not cross.

Till later and much love

Sez xx


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