Calling all 20 something’s! How did we end up here?

I’m declaring it – being a 20 something is really hard.

We were always told our teenage years are the most angst-filled (and fuelled) but as soon as I stumbled over the line into my third decade I changed my mind.

The 20 something female constantly finds herself deflecting epic expectations and pressures from every corner of their lives.

  • Your house doesn’t look like an IKEA catalogue?
  • Haven’t spent a year in Europe learning Italian?
  • Haven’t been promoted three times by 25 and you don’t know the Jamie Oliver 30 Minute Meal cookbook off by heart?

Oh dear.

I’m tired of everyone looking at us with pathetically with that “c’mon we had to live through World Wars, all you had was The Spice Girls and the tamagotchi phenonmenon”, look and the refusal of any other generation to feel any empathy for what we have to face every day.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no one who is stronger support of the “I am woman hear me roar” mentality but it can be exhausting to align every aspect of your life with the expectations of others (and yourself!).

I know I am in charge of the direction of my life but that doesn’t mean that my goal list still isn’t 40 pages long and virtually impossible to fit into a lifetime let alone another 6.5 years…

I started Signed By Sez as a way for me to tell it all – the good, the bad and ugly (toe socks, really 90’s?!). I hope that out of it comes a community where we can brainstorm how to weather this storm together and come out the other end amazingly strong and confident women who have squeezed all we could out of these 10 precious years.

Are you finding yourself asking similar questions and wondering how you are faring in the “manual to life” against the other 20 something’s in this world? I would love to hear from you and what you are loving and hating about it and the way you have decided to take charge of your 20’s. 

Cause they are a slippery beast and I sure could use some help!

Much love and till later

Sez xx


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